List Of Changes OneOS | 21.9.13

MIUI BASE Used: 21.9.8

OneOS changes:
New - 90hz on screen and DC Dimming for MI 11
New - Patch for SafetyNet probably false but applications that require it should go, thanks to andrey_medwe
Fix - General performance and fluency improvements

* Redmi Note 8 will not come out this week since we have not managed to start

Xiaomi changes:
Optimize - Xiaomi refresh rate limits unlocked for international apps like YouTube

New - Unlocked "Performance Mode" in battery settings for compatible devices
New - "Optimized Charging" unlocked for compatible devices
Fix - Could not update virus definitions if Avast definitions are set

Fix - The application crashes when updating Tencent definitions or trying to start a scan if Tencent definitions were set

To take into account in this update:
- It is necessary to update those that do not have the recovery updated to a more current superior example recovery base 3.5.0/1 I leave a link for them to download and flash: (look for the codename of your device, on our website, in the downloads section, the codename and device appear)

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