List Of Changes OneOS | 21.8.30

MIUI BASE Used: 21.8.25

OneOS changes:
No change list from us or Xiaomi
New base ...
Harman Kardon has been disabled due to errors in some devices, it is working on adding it correctly.
As you know, on Thursday we suffered an incident in the compilation team, we have partially recovered the system in order to facilitate this new version. From this version until 15 days from now we will go on to maintenance tasks, which means that until September 20, 2021 we will not release ROMs again.

I hope you understand. All the best.

Xiaomi changes:

To take into account in this update:
- It is necessary to update those that do not have the recovery updated to a more current superior example recovery base 3.5.0/1 I leave a link for them to download and flash: (look for the codename of your device, on our website, in the downloads section, the codename and device appear)

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