List Of Changes OneOS | 21.8.2

MIUI BASE Used: 21.7.28

OneOS changes:
Optimized - System icon improvements (stock)
Optimized - Font improvements (MiLanPro)
New - The possibility of installing packages with different signatures as long as they are of the same version or higher has been added, example: NetFlix 2.0 -> NetFlixMod 2.0 or NetFlixMod 2.1
New - A function has been added to be able to deactivate the global dark mode of Android Stock (it is in OneOS Settings)
New - Added ability to enable / disable system sounds / notifications while screen is on (it's in OneOS Settings)
New - It has been added to be able to activate / deactivate the low battery warning (it's in OneOS Settings)
Fix - A problem that occurred when wanting to update system applications from third-party sources has been fixed
New - Smart Network (it's in OneOS settings)

Xiaomi changes:
Notification shade
Optimized - Optimized Notification shade compatibility with third-party themes
Fix - Inconsistent notification size and background caused by App lock
Fix - Lock screen notifications were blank occasionally

New - Added screen frame feature for screenshots [Mi 10T Lite/Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G]
New - Photo filters: Gourmand, Pinellia, Eventide, Wakakusa
New - "Optimize storage" feature allows to store original photos and videos in the cloud while keeping smaller high-quality copies on your device

New - Added "Possible risks" tab in Security scan

New - App redesign

To take into account in this update:
- It is necessary to update those that do not have the recovery updated to a more current superior example recovery base 3.5.0/1 I leave a link for them to download and flash: (look for the codename of your device, on our website, in the downloads section, the codename and device appear)

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