List Of Changes OneOS | 21.5.24

21.5.19/20 - ALL

OneOS changes:
OPTIMIZE - Fully Updated Updater App for OTA's
FIX - Fixed some things of the OneOS Installer zip
FIX - Removed logo.img of OneOS on Mi 9SE, Mi 9 Lite and Mi 10T Lite for avoid errors of System Destroy message
Fixed - Experimental Camera options enabled by default

Xiaomi changes:
Lock screen
New - You can choose whether your fingerprint will be used on the Lock screen [Redmi K30, Mi 10T/Pro, Redmi K40/POCO F3]
Fixed - Couldn't open Face unlock settings occasionally [Mi 9]

Notification shade
Fixed - Couldn't dismiss media playback notification for some apps [e.g. Spotify]

System launcher
Fixed - Couldn't open the Calendar app from a clock widget by tapping a date

Fixed - Some settings, like "Start of the week", had no effect

Fixed - Quick snap in Video mode didn't work properly

To take into account in this update:
- It is necessary to update those that do not have the recovery updated to a more current superior example recovery base 3.5.0/1 I leave a link for them to download and flash: (look for the codename of your device, on our website, in the downloads section, the codename and device appear)

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