List Of Changes OneOS | 21.5.17

21.5.12/13 - ALL

OneOS changes:
New - New wallpapers
New - OneOS Bootlogo for the devices: Mi 10T Lite / Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G, Redmi K30 / Poco X2, Mi 9 SE and Mi 9 Lite / Mi CC9
Optimization - Updated MIUI Launcher
Optimization - Removed Sound Picker from Google
Optimization - Removed AirDots applications from OneOS available now on OneOS Space
New - Notch killer added for: Apollo, Vangogh, Dipper, Cepheus, Pyxis, Grus, Umi, Tucana, Gauguin, Ginkgo, Willow, Curtana, Phoenix and Surya is activated from Settings - Developer Options - - Screen Cut - Notch Killer
Fixed - Corrected strings in PT-PT / PT-BR and ES-ES
Fixed - Now in clean installation MIUI 12.6 will come out instead of 12.5

Xiaomi changes:
Lock screen
Fixed - Fix the lock screen problem when the notification bar is pulled down

File Manager
Fixed - Fix the problem of not being able to browse multiple pictures

New - Picture editor added 6 filters: wind chimes, ginger tea, mango, old times, orange flavor, Charlotte
New - Update sticker styles: Labor Day, Mother's Day, Sparkling Starlight
Optimization - Optimize the performance of the album, fix some problems, and improve the experience of using the album

New - Added a possibility to get Widevine L1 key (e.g. Netflix in HD resolution) [Redmi K30 5G, Redmi K30i 5G, Mi 10 Lite Zoom; Fingerprint unlock > Fingerprint payments > Widevine (L1)]
Fixed - Screen recorder videos were saved in incorrect location
Fixed - Floating notifications were causing the screen flickering in certain cases

Fixed - Crash in SIM setting

New - Replaced app from China ROM with the Global one
To take into account in this update:
- Mi 9SE, Mi 9 Lite, K30, Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G, possibly when starting, system destroy does not take into account (after 5 seconds it starts normally) it is our fault, the system will start and it will be corrected surely in the next version for - It is necessary to update those that do not have the recovery updated to a more current superior example recovery base 3.5.0/1 I leave a link for them to download and flash: (look for the codename of your device, on our website, in the downloads section, the codename and device appear)
- When changing the Launcher from the STABLE version to ALPHA when you want to change the icons of Force Close, solution: delete data from the System Launcher (MiuiHome) and reconfigure, do not restore a copy of the previous state of the same or the error will return each time change the icons (happens to some, not all)

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