CHANGELOG OneOS | 21.4.5


OneOS changes:
New - New MiuiHome with recent iOS style
Optimized - Updated Base
Optimized - Improved and updated patches
Optimized - System cleaned
Optimized - Improved the installer
Optimized - Deleted OneOS Space
Optimized - Removed OneOS factory themes
Optimized - Sent to CUST due to lack of space Google Feed and Game Turbo will be installed only when the installation is clean
Optimized - Changed system identifier from GLOBAL to ALPHA
Optimized - Removed Google Lens
Optimized - Suppressed MiBrowser
Optimized - Removed Xiaomi Weather and inserted a Samsung Weather port
Optimized - Improvements in Settings
Optimized - Added OneOS boot logo along with changes to the destroyed system image and FASTBOOT

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