CHANGELOG OneOS | 20.11.06

20.11.5 - Pocophone F2 Pro

OneOS changes:

Xiaomi changes:
New - Create PDF files from images feature

Mi Mover
New - UI Redesign

New - Notifications about accessing clipboard by specific apps

*Note: This version has to be installed manually by starting the recovery through fastboot, command: "fastboot boot filenamerecovery.img" from this version it will arrive via OTA and it will be able to restart in TWRP without problem, since the error that has been patched prevented entering it. (The kernel has been downgraded, to avoid these problems and also the notable loss of battery that was suffered)
**No more changes have been made in the ROM, it is only launched to correct the critical error of the Custom Recovery, for changes / own corrections they have to wait for the general update of the same**

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