CHANGELOG OneOS | 20.11.02

20.10.29 - Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro, Pocophone F2 Pro

OneOS changes:
New - First version of OneOS with multiple changes and features that you can see on our website, don't forget to check the F.A.Q in support, as well as the guides to avoid faults

Xiaomi changes:
Optimized - 8K video record button moved to top resolution selection bar in Video mode (Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra, Redmi K30 Pro)
Fixed - front camera video was green while video stabilization was enabled (Mi 10 Ultra)

New - you can now rename photo and video files
New - you can now sort albums by update time
New - New filters: Cold Fog, Autumn, Kamakura, Reversie, Hills

New - data converter

Application Vault
Fixed - App vault no longer asks about location permission on first run
New - UI redesign
New - screen time card

Fixed - application tabs no longer reorder on certain devices (Fonts tab was shown first instead of Themes)

New - Android 11 update (Mi Note 10 / Pro)
New - "back touch" gestures added (Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro)
New - can now allow all rotations
New - redesigned USB connection dialog (Android 11 devices)
Optimized - Android security patch updated to October 2020
Fixed - "Glow" loading animation was not scaling correctly [720p devices, p. Eg My CC9e]
New - Android 11 update (Redmi K30, Mi 9T)
New - Widevine L1 support added for Android 10 (Redmi Note 8)
New - redesigned USB selection dialog for Android 10 devices
Optimized - Android security patch updated to November 2020 [select devices]
Fixed - application resources were corrupted after a ROM update for some devices

System Launcher
Fixed - a sound effect is played when uninstalling an application even when "Remove sound" was disabled

Fixed - "autostart" permission was reset when an app was updated [Android 11 devices]
Fixed - "Virtual ID" function was missing

Optimized - designed red notifications and control center settings
Optimized - redesigned color scheme settings (Android 10 devices)
Fixed - "Items displayed on lock screen after swiping down" options were not working correctly
Optimized - redesigned sound settings [Android 11 devices]
Optimized - redesigned keyboard settings
Optimized - designed red beads and sync settings

New - you can now scribble and save them as picture notes and images in Gallery

New - UI redesign

Optimized - redesigned configuration layout
Fixed - "No conversations" icon overlaps conversation view

Fixed - Contacts search showed white background in dark mode

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